About Vital Touch, LLC

Vital Touch, LLC is owned by Judith Rasmussen. 

Judith is a licensed massage therapist (Wisconsin license #463-146) who has been enhancing well-being through massage since 1999. She specializes in both gentle and deep-tissue Swedish massage for relaxation, pain management, and tension relief. In addition, she is a certified Jin Shin Do®: Bodymind Acupressure® therapist and has training in CranioSacral(SM) Therapy , which is a gentle hands-on technique for releasing restrictions in the body and complementing its natural healing processes.

Judith also holds a master’s degree in social work, which gives her the background to help clients work through issues arising from emotional and physical trauma. She is a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).

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A Simple Hand Massage

Posted March 20, 2017

We use our hands for everything we do and don't notice them until they hurt.

Here is a simple three-step massage that you can use to care for your own hands or those of someone else. It is part of the massage techniques I use in client sessions and when I need it myself. I find it calming when I'm stressed and tired.

1. Make a fist with one hand and use it to massage the palm of the other hand. Do this by moving in a straight line from the base of the fingers toward the wrist and back again, or in a circular motion across the palm. Then, switch the working and receiving hands. 

2. Use the thumb of your working hand to massage between the bones on the back of the receiving hand. Do this by using whatever stroke feels most comfortable. For example, move in a straight line from the base of the fingers toward the wrist and back again, or in small circles between the bones. 

3. Don't forget those tired, hard-working fingers. Hold one finger between the thumb and index finger of your working hand. Using your thumb, massage it in a circular motion from its tip to its base and then back toward its tip. Do this as many times as you like on each finger and then repeat on the fingers of your other hand.

Please call (608) 335-6777 to schedule an appointment.